Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Disney Movies 2012

It's going to be fun to see the new releases of the new Disney movies 2012 brings out.

I still think we have another year..or so to wait for National Treasure Part 3.I'm not overly worried though,because there are some good 2012 kids movies to keep my kids happy.

Besides,the latest news is that will not come out till 2014.Kinda odd why so long,but I'll keep to the 2012 Disney movies in this article.

One movie I'm really looking forward to is the new Swiss Family Robinson.

I think Will Smith and his son will be in that movie.It will be interesting to see the remake.I liked the original one,but was not overly crazy about it.So really looking foward to the new release of that movie.

John Carter is another interesting movie I'm looking foward to.You can check out the movie trailer to this film on Youtube,or here.I'll add it below this paragraph.

I'll be adding these movies soon as they hit the theatres.

One movie I'm really waiting for is 1906.The budget alone could be 200 million for this movie.It's about the coverups per say of the 1906 earthquakes.

These are just a couple of the Disney 2012 movies that interest me.I'll be adding them here soon as they are available for sale.