Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Adventures of Tin Tin

We're going to watch this movie tonight.If you have not watched the trailer for this film yet,we recommend you do.I was bought & sold after watching it,and this movie seems to be a great one for adults,as well as the older kids.

The humor in it reminds me of the movie "Up" but this one seems to have alot more laughs,at least that's my feeling after watching the trailer.

This movie appears to be rated in the 4-5 star rank,and that's another good indicator that this is going to be a pretty good film.I really don't always take to heart what a critic has to say,but when the reviews are this good,it usually means it's going to be a pretty good movie.

I don't think this is a Walt Disney movie,but it's directed by Steven Spielberg,and almost half who watch this film give it a 5 stars.

Being I'm an adult,I like some adult humor if I'm going to enjoy an animated film,and this movie appears to have it.

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