Monday, May 9, 2011

Disney Kids Movies

As many of us..we love Disney Kids Movies.I was wondering to myself today what's the best walt disney movies for kids that where ever made.Nobody even wanted to dwell on that thought,for those who I asked that very same question.

When it comes to our little monsters,disney kids movies come into play at all different times..especially when it come to their age.

Most disney kids movies that our the best walt disney movies seem to offer are for the little ones.My children at the age of two just loved my disney snow white and the seven dwarfs vhs tape.They wore the thing out.I bet alot of us still have our snow white and the seven dwarfs vhs tape still handy.That movie is a classic!!..There are some of the best walt disney movies for 2 year olds out there.I know my 2 year old daughter was not the only little girl who loved her walt disney vhs tapes.

Disney kid movies make every little girl and little boy happy,and these movies entertain so many times over.

Now days kids are watching things I don't overly approve of.A parent can always feel rest assured that the disney kids movies are safe for kids.

Well..I have rambeld enough.I'm just a parent who is proud that walt disney kids movies are something every parent can trust.And to you mothers out there who are looking for the best disney kids movies.Get snow white and the seven dwarfs dvd or vhs tape.They'll love it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Treasure VHS

This is the first movie of the series.If you're looking for National Treasure VHS here it is.

This is one of my favorite movies,and I also have this walt disney vhs film.Alot of us still use are vcr for watching movies.

I'm so looking foward to National Treasure Three.I have a good feeling that movie will be just as good as the first two.

So stay tuned for National Treasure Three.I don't think they'll have that movie on VHS,but I know there are alot of VHS National Treasure tapes out there for a pretty good deal.

This vhs movie only costs 6 buck.So if ya look around a little bit,you'll be able to find alot of good other movies too..on vhs.

Like I said."This National Treasure VHS" tape is just a few bucks.

I am not aware if they made National Treasure Book of Secrets VHS tapes.That one is a little newer,so I'll look into that.

I also assure you that "National Treasure Three" will not be on VHS.I'm sure sooner,or later they will copy one over,but I'd assume it will be blu-ray and dvd.

I had a friend write me the other day,and he asked if there were any national treasure part 2 vhs tapes out there floating around.I told them none that I've heard of.

But is the first one on VHS.

Walt Disney VHS Movies

There are alot of Amazon VHS movies here at Amazon.So just click the images here,and it will lead you straight to amazon.There you can do a search for "walt disney vhs movies".

I still have my disney vhs movies and a person can still easily find vcrs to buy still.I have a huge collection of movies on vhs and I still buy vhs movies.Actually now a person can get pretty good deals on walt disney vhs movies.

Some you pay average cost for,but if a person browses around for a deal you can find one.

Here is the walt disney tarzan vhs movie for 5 bucks.That's a good example.

So keep checking back.When I see popular walt disney vhs movies I'll be sure to post them here.

New Walt Disney Movies 2011

I'm looking foward to the new Walt Disney movies that 2011 brings out.I know I'm not the only one looking foward to seeing what new films will be in store for us.

I like the movies that are also made for adults.Well actually all the movies this production has made can also be considered adult walt disney movies.

One movie that was made in 201i is that Walt Disney Tangled movie.That's a must see.

I'll be making a walt disney 2011 movie list here shortly.I know there are some good movies coming out.

Some of the new walt disney movies are the re-make of Winnie the Pooh.That's right.It's coming out in theatres July 15th.So that a must 2011 walt disney movie for you to see.I've always loved winnie the pooh,and this movie will bring back a lot of good memories when I was a kid.I think Walt Disney Winnie the Pooh will be one 2011 movie to go down in the books.

Another new walt disney movie is Cars 2 and that will be at the theatres June 24th.

Walt Disney Mars Needs Moms is already in thetres.I have not seen that movie,but soon as I do I'll put up a review.I've heard good things about it.So thus far there has been alot of good 2011 Walt Disney movies come out.

One movie I know we're all looking foward to is Pirates of the Caribbean.I'm really looking foward to this third.I also thing that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 will be a movie worthy of part 1 and part 2.

I think it will be a good triology when all said and done.

So rest assured there will be a lot of Walt Disney 2011 movies for our collection.

Oh..and Toy Story 3 is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD.Same gooes for Bambi.I know there tons of walt disney bambi fans out there.