Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movies For Girls

We all love good movies for girls.Another great thing is when they are little girls,odds are the little boys like the same film just as much.

I'd probably start with Beauty and the Beast as a for sure bet.

The other one that comes to mind is Sleeping Beauty.

I know my daughter just loved the movie.As far as age range goes?

We'll if an animated cartoon catches their attention,and if they can understand a little English.The film itself how it's acted out kind of does the rest of the explaining for them.

I know my little girl at the age of 2 1/2 just loved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,and for many years afterwards.

I wouldn't really call any of these films "Disney Girl Movies".They really are good for everybody,and for people of all age ranges.

What's great about disney kids films is they don't get kids hyped up,or excited.Their eyes pretty much stay glued to the screen.There more relaxed after watching the little kids movies,instead of all worked up.So good films for children is something us parents are glad to have around.

So lets start off with "Beauty and the Beast".Give that one a try,and I'll make a new post sometime later on this week for "Sleeping Beauty".

I'll post the rental for this video.If you want to buy the dvd,you can do that too.I've been getting alot of mail asking me to post more movies that people can watch now.

Oops..Just checked.It's only avaible to buy at this moment.Sorry.I assumed Amazon would have it for rent in their instant video section.They have other movies of the same name,but not the one I was talking about for kids.

Another good film for little girls is Snow White an the Seven Dwarfs.No need for me to tell you all this.You have to remember as well,taht the good kid movies you grew up watching.Those old films that you think are old,work just as well,and will do the same magic they did on you,to your children.

So if you're a mother,look back to when you were a little girl.

I know alot more films of this nature that we're talking about came out since then,but why not start there,and search your way forward for movies for your child.That's what I do,and it's a great starting point.No need to be confused,just look back when you were young,and start from there.You can't go wrong.Believe me.

I have young girls to in the household,so I'll keep posting what films that I think may be of interest for little girls.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids Movies Online

When it comes to 2011 kids movies online.There are alot of great titles to choose from.

I know it comes down to what age your kids are.If they are 13 year olds,I'm sure they have broken you down to get movies like National Teasure.Let alone Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are alot of great online videos that will give ya a good choice on what movie to rent.

I suppose if I was asked what is a good video to rent for kids.I'd be mind boggled.There really are alot of great kid movies out there.Where not just talking 2011 movies either.

When it comes to a good kid movie to rent.Just go with what the latest movie is on,in all the other popular children's movie review boards.

Pretty much all the videos online rent what have you,have a review of the movie & a rating.

If you're going for a disney movie that's animated.You can't go wrong.So if you're looking where to rent kids movies online.Just click the movie link to the left.There will be a search box,and you can type in what kind of movie you're looking for.So you can watch now movies for kids.

Watch Disney Movies Online

To watch disney movies online has never been easier.

The online disney movies at amazon are not only afforadable,but safe to rent online.

Alot of people want to watch movies right now.Have an instant video they can watch a new video rental.

It's so easy to watch disney movies online.I'll keep adding new releases and alot of other popular movies here daily.So keep checking back,or just click the movie link to the left,and search for a movie that interests you.There are alot of good 20011 movies online you can watch.

No need to talk about the most popular movies out there,because we all have certain movies we like.In other words,action,adventures,suspense..or a chick flick.

So no need to ask where to rent disney movies online.The computer will help ya get to Amazon.Com Instant video.That means alot of streaming disney movies online are going to be there waiting for you.

What are the best disney movies for kids?

What are the best disney movies for adults?

First of all,I have no idea what kind of films interest you.There are alot of online disney movies for you to watch there.From the National Treasure the new Pirate of the Caribbean film.

What ever movie you're looking for,just click the image to the left,and do a search on what kid of movie is best for you.

It don't have to be a disney movie.

We're watching the new Source Code movie online right now.Good movie so far,but like I said.If that movie don't interest you.Search for something else.There are alot of great 2011 movies online to rent.

True Stories About Sharks

Here is a movies about true stories of shark attacks.

My wife bought this movie today,and I really had no clue what it was about.

It's about a girl who's practicing for a surfing tournaments,and gets attacked by a shark.She loses her arm also in this shark attack while surfing.

So if you're into movies about shark attacks.This one may be of interest to you.It's a really good movie also,and worthy of sitting on the shelf next to your other shark movies.

I know there are some Disney Shark Movies out there,buit this aint one of them.None the less though,this is a movie about sharks.Not on the same line as Jaws,but none the less if you're looking for some of the best shark movies.This is one of them.

There has been alot of shows on TV about sharks recent.So there really has been alot of interest about these creatures lately.

I got some mail the other day asking me what disney movies about sharks are out there.I think there are some animated movies for kids about sharks,but not sure if they did any real based on a truey story type encounter with sharks.

I know Jaws to this day is probably the best movies about sharks that has ever been made.There really aint a whole lot of the top 10 shark movies list.

National Geographic,and other documentaries would probably be the best source for based on a true story.

Movies based on true stories about sharks are hard to come by.This is one shark video worthy of you collection.

Some good actors in this one too.I was sure suprised to see Dennis Quaid in another shark movie.He was in one of the "Jaws" movies when he was younger.I think it was the 3rd one at the sea park.

Anyways,nice to see him back in a true story about shark attacks.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New 2011 Kids Movies

Lets talk some,on the new 2011 kids movies that came out this year.We all know alot of good films came out in the last few months.

I know this is not one of the newer kids movies that came out this year,but look into that Disney movie called "Up".It's really a great movie for all age ranges.I get alot of e-mal asking me to be more specific in what age range each movie is good for.From 8-10 year olds.To 10-13 year olds etc.That's a hard thing to accomplish,when alot of the kids between 8 and 10 are already big dans of movies like Harry Potter.Then some parents wont let there kids watch it till they are 13 years old etc.

Ok,now lets get back to what kid videos came out this year worth mentioning.

Let us start with some disney movies for adults that kids can watch too.

I have not seen the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" .It's new 2011 videos like this taht spark our curiosity.After all,we're all looking for new good movies that we have not seen before.

I'm glad Disney is making more movies for adults.Many of these films are both good for adults & children.Thus I guess you could classify them as good family movies.

There are alot of good Johnny Depp Disney movies out there.I know he's done a few,and he did another disney 2011 movie this year if I aint mistaken.Some cartoon about fish.Yea it's animated.I'm not sure if it's a disney film though,so I'll have to look into it.

Another good kid movie that's good for adults is that new "Harry Potter" movie.I added that video just a few days ago,so you can either watch it online,or buy it if you want.

I'll add the stream here incase you want to rent & watch now that new Pirates of the Caribbean.On Stranger Tits it's called.So you can watch it online,and decide if you want to buy it.

Now will there be a prt 4 to this movie?I have no idea,and the same goes for the new National Treasure movie.When ever that's coming out.Sometime in 20114 they say.

Now that movie is loved by millions of 8 year olds as well.It goes to show there are alot of good adult movies for kids out there too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Movies 2011

There were alot of good movies in 2011 that hit the big screen.

Movies for kids and adults.

I'll try to come up with a few 2011 movies on DVD that I've watched.I don't go to the theatres much,so really enjoy a good movie in my home.Do up a good dinner,grab my favorite spot on the couch,and throw in a good 2011 movie of something that I have not seen.

I do watch movies several times if it's a good one.

I'm sure many of you who are looking for new movies on dvd might overlook that there really has been alot of good movies that have come out in the last few years.I usually do a search on my favorite actorsmcheck out what movies they have been in,and look at the reviews.

So my search is not just limited to new 2011 movies on DVD.If it's a good movie,and even a classic on an old vcr tape,I'll watch it.

There were not any good cowboy movies though.Sure True Grit was ok,and some really good acting in it,but the last new good cowboy movie that came out was 3:10 To Yuma.Now that film turned out to be one of the best cowboy movies that came out that year.

Now..hmmm?.."Good Movies 2011".

There were quite a few good ones.I have not seen the new Harry Potter yet,but have seen "Unknown" & "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins.

So if you're looking for a good 2011 movie for adults.Maybe give that one a try.You can either buy it,or rent it online for a couple bucks.It was a good movie.I'm just trying to think of something at the top of my mind for something you can watch tonight.

If you're looking for a good kid movie.Try that movie "Up".That one actually is good for adults too.A good family movie.I know it's not a disney 2011 movie,but it sure keeps getting such great reviews,that I believe it's close to the top best 10 movies in like the family section.

The movie I'm going to add tonight here in this post,is 3:10 to Yuma.I know it's not movies 2011 material.But it's a dang good movie none the less.I would love to see this on the big screen.

Change of mind.I think I'll keep to the topic,and post a new 2011 movie on dvd.Like I said.You can buy,or rent it.Just click the link,and look for the instand video link..or the buy button.

I'm going to post "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins.He's such a great actor,and this was a good 2011 movie.