Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beauty And The Beast Movie DVD

This one is an all time classic,and if you're looking for good kids movies for all ages.You can't go wrong with the Beauty and The Beast Movie DVD. This disney film is great for all ages,and if you want that special kids movie that we'll always be watched again,you can't go wrong with an old classic disney movies such as "Beauty and The Beast". It's not a newer disney film,but it's one that will continue to be popular as long as us humans watch a screen with a film.This one is never going away,and if you're shopping for movies for kids.You can't go wrong with this kids classic.Plus,I mentioned above us adults love this film too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Disney Movie

When it comes to a good disney movie that happens to be a classic,we all have a favorite when it comes to the huge variety of disney films they have released over the years.

My list of disney movies may not be a complete list of all the disney movies,but I can point out every disney film I've watched by just memory alone.

Lately,I've been browsing the disney movies online for a complete list of their films.In doing so,a person discovers alot of great old classics that he,or she forgot about,and it sure brings back good memories of growing up.

One good disney movie I can't get enough up,is that new film "Up".I know that's not an old classic disney film,but I assure you that someday it will be.

If you're interested in watching that film,we do have disney movies online up above,that do include alot of old disney movies as well to choose from.

Now back to the disney movie list I was talking on.When a person does their research,and looks up the list of walt disney movies.That person opens up alot of good memories,because this production does have so many movies,that it is hard to remember them through out the years.So taking the time to go over the list of disney films is probable a good idea to do,when one it hunting for that unique classic film.

My kids are always going nuts for new disney videos as well,and the company keeps pumping them out,and must say as a parent I truely appreciate the a good disney movie on hand.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Online

Mysterious Island
I just rented this about an hour ago,and looking foward to watching it,and writing a good review of this new movie.

This here is Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.

Having "The Rock" in it,who's real name is Dwayne Johnson and that other young lady,sorry I forget her name,she's real popular with the younger generation,figured it would be worth a watch.

A good family orientated movie once in awhile is good for the soul.

Anyways,what really catches my fancy with this movie.Is one of my most favorite actors of mine in in it.Michael Caine is in this movie,and this is how I first found it,while it was still in production.I was looking at hi upcomming movies a year back,so I've been waiting for Journey 2 The Mysterious Island to come out for some time now.

The reviews of this movie give it 5 stars for the kids.They should really like this one.This is a GOOD family movie.No swearing,or nudity.This is a great family film.So with that being said,we can move on. Hahahaha :)

You can watch "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island" online right now,by clicking the Instant Video link above.I think they charge 3.99 to rent it,and watch it online.A buck more than the video store rental probably.It's the same price as Youtube I think,so either ya do,or ya don't.But if you do want to watch Journey 2 online.Then check out the streaming video above.

Well,I'm going to watch this movie now,and will write my own review,so I'll update this article when I'm done watching it.I hope The Mysterious Island is as mysterious as I'm hoping it out to be.One good thing,I get to enjoy another good movie with Michael Caine in it.

Where is the best place to buy kids movies online.

The best place in my opinion when asked the question "Where is the best place to buy kids movies online" ..I'd have to say browsing Amazon would be your best bet.

They got all the Disney kid movies for starters,and Disney is not the only production who has made some of the best kids movies.

Shopping online for kids movies has never been easier these days,and Amazon beyond a doubt has the biggest collection of kids movies on the entire internet.

You can even watch kids movies online there in their instant video section.So you can watch the movie first,and if you like it,you can buy it.

Where where to buy kids movies online is nothing to fret about.

Just go here to watch kids movies.Maybe buy kids movies if you want to watch them on your own big tv screen,instead of on a computer screen.

The graphics are great by the way watching online,it's just some people are spoiled by those huge screen TVS,well I suppose having a bigger screen also makes it easier for the whole family to watch if that be the case.

The best place online to buy kids movies is Amazon.So give them a try,and I think you'll agree once you see their vast collection of kid movies.

3 years olds,4 year olds,5 year olds,6 year old,even the best movies for a 7 year old are there.Even an 8 years old.They have movies for kids of all ages there.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Movies For Little Kids

Many of us parents enjoy having on hand,some good movies for little kids.

It's not to keep them out of are hair,but to also entertain them.After all,kids love to watch something that's fun for them.

So let us remember that good movies for little kids goes beyond just are concept,we have to think of them when picking them out.

We all have a good understanding of our children,so pick out a movie that you'll know that will interest them.

Sooner than later in life,they'll hold that against you.So what do you have to lose,and fear letting them have an input on a good Walt Disney Film...Nothing wrong with that.

Walt Disney has a variety of little kid movies.So just go with the flow,and when shopping for a good kid movie.Keep in mind your shopping for a kid,and I know we don't let our guard down when it comes to a movie that's safe for kids,you can get a pretty good just of the movie when it comes to a description on a disney kids movie.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best 10 Year Old Movies

Here is a good list of movies for 10 year olds.

1) Meet The Robinsons
2) Spongebob Squarepants Movie
3) Camp Rock (don't know if it's funny but it's good)
4) Over the Hedge
5) Chicken Little
6) Wall-E
7) Alvin and the Chipmunks
8) Cars
9)Another Cinderella Story (with Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez)

I also thought the movie "Up" was good,and would be enjoyed by kids as well,and don't forget the Pirate of the Caribean movies.Those are good too.

Check the link below for a variety of movies for kids.Lot of good action ones too.I know 10 year olds like action in their films as well,so just do a search there,and I'm sure you'll find something.

Kid Movies For 10 Year Olds

There are so many good movies out there,that it gets hard to come up with them all.Usually just browsing through them,a person figures out what they are looking for.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Disney Movies For Boys

When it comes to Disney Movies For Boys.You can rest assure that Walt Disney has plenty of kid movies for these young little monsters to keep them entertained.

That's one of the great things about a Walt Disney Movie.They actually entertain the kids,and give some of us parents free time to clean the house without being distracted.

The best place to search for movies for our young one's is directly at the source,so check out the link below,and type in disney movies for kids,and you'll get a ton of results,and thus a ton of titles to choose from.

Enter The Walt Disney Movies Here

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Walt Disney Movies

When it comes to the new "Walt Disney Movies On Dvd",it's quite possible the movie "John Carter" is receiving alot of searches to purchase this new Disney Film.

Here you can pre-order the movie,and the day it comes available it'll be shipped the same day,and in most all cases shows up in a couple days.

I really can't give you a review of this movie,because I haven't seen it yet,and was never available at the movie theatre near me,so like many of you,I'm dying to see it.

The commercials on TV,and the movie trailers sure make this film look good,and like many of you I'm wondering when can I buy this movie.

I'm still looking when it comes available,so stay tuned.
Click Here To Purchase This Movie

So if you're looking for some good new walt disney movies that are coming out,make sure to put this 2012 epic on your wish list.So there really is no need to keep asking yourself when does John Carter come to DVD.The problem is the excitement part,and rest assured it'll be out on DVD probably within the month.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Adventures of Tin Tin

We're going to watch this movie tonight.If you have not watched the trailer for this film yet,we recommend you do.I was bought & sold after watching it,and this movie seems to be a great one for adults,as well as the older kids.

The humor in it reminds me of the movie "Up" but this one seems to have alot more laughs,at least that's my feeling after watching the trailer.

This movie appears to be rated in the 4-5 star rank,and that's another good indicator that this is going to be a pretty good film.I really don't always take to heart what a critic has to say,but when the reviews are this good,it usually means it's going to be a pretty good movie.

I don't think this is a Walt Disney movie,but it's directed by Steven Spielberg,and almost half who watch this film give it a 5 stars.

Being I'm an adult,I like some adult humor if I'm going to enjoy an animated film,and this movie appears to have it.

Click Here To Purchase This Movie

If you're looking where to buy "The Adventures of Tin Tin" movie.The link was just added above.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Disney Movies 2012

It's going to be fun to see the new releases of the new Disney movies 2012 brings out.

I still think we have another year..or so to wait for National Treasure Part 3.I'm not overly worried though,because there are some good 2012 kids movies to keep my kids happy.

Besides,the latest news is that will not come out till 2014.Kinda odd why so long,but I'll keep to the 2012 Disney movies in this article.

One movie I'm really looking forward to is the new Swiss Family Robinson.

I think Will Smith and his son will be in that movie.It will be interesting to see the remake.I liked the original one,but was not overly crazy about it.So really looking foward to the new release of that movie.

John Carter is another interesting movie I'm looking foward to.You can check out the movie trailer to this film on Youtube,or here.I'll add it below this paragraph.

I'll be adding these movies soon as they hit the theatres.

One movie I'm really waiting for is 1906.The budget alone could be 200 million for this movie.It's about the coverups per say of the 1906 earthquakes.

These are just a couple of the Disney 2012 movies that interest me.I'll be adding them here soon as they are available for sale.