Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Disney Kids Movies 2011

When it comes to the best disney kids movies.The movie that always springs to mind is the "Lion King".That has to be one of the best disney kids movies ever made.Not to mention that just as many adults like this movie too.The Lion King is certainly a movie that will not let your family down.Great entertainment for everyone.So if your kids like cats.This this disney movies about lions won't let ya down.

There are alot of Disney Kids Movies here on the site that came out in 2011.I'm just saying alot of the classics still hold their true weight today in entertainment value.I think all us parents know what the best kids movies are,and the lion king is one of them.

So if you're looking for some good kids movies,make sure the lion king is in your collection.

disney kids movies

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean 2011

Looks like another great 2011 Walt Disney movie has finally been released.Pirates of The Caribbean 2011 is here.

Alot of us have waited along time waiting for this new caribbean movie.If you're a Johnny Depp fan,then I think you know what I mean.

This new Pirate of The Caribbean movie won't let ya down,and it'll make a good dvd for your collection for this movie.

If you take a look around after clicking the link,you might be able to find the whole series on some dvd pack.After all it is a collection,and certainly more than just a trilogy.It's now a 4 movie collection,so not sure what it makes it now.The new Pirates of the Caribbean 2011 is here,and that's all what matters.

pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walt Disney Movies 2011

This is a good 2011 disney movie that kids will love.

This is not a walt disney 2011 movies but is worth of your kids collection.I have received alot of mail asking when this movie was going to become available for sale.So if you're looking where to buy this movie here it is.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movies For Girls

We all love good movies for girls.Another great thing is when they are little girls,odds are the little boys like the same film just as much.

I'd probably start with Beauty and the Beast as a for sure bet.

The other one that comes to mind is Sleeping Beauty.

I know my daughter just loved the movie.As far as age range goes?

We'll if an animated cartoon catches their attention,and if they can understand a little English.The film itself how it's acted out kind of does the rest of the explaining for them.

I know my little girl at the age of 2 1/2 just loved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,and for many years afterwards.

I wouldn't really call any of these films "Disney Girl Movies".They really are good for everybody,and for people of all age ranges.

What's great about disney kids films is they don't get kids hyped up,or excited.Their eyes pretty much stay glued to the screen.There more relaxed after watching the little kids movies,instead of all worked up.So good films for children is something us parents are glad to have around.

So lets start off with "Beauty and the Beast".Give that one a try,and I'll make a new post sometime later on this week for "Sleeping Beauty".

I'll post the rental for this video.If you want to buy the dvd,you can do that too.I've been getting alot of mail asking me to post more movies that people can watch now.

Oops..Just checked.It's only avaible to buy at this moment.Sorry.I assumed Amazon would have it for rent in their instant video section.They have other movies of the same name,but not the one I was talking about for kids.

Another good film for little girls is Snow White an the Seven Dwarfs.No need for me to tell you all this.You have to remember as well,taht the good kid movies you grew up watching.Those old films that you think are old,work just as well,and will do the same magic they did on you,to your children.

So if you're a mother,look back to when you were a little girl.

I know alot more films of this nature that we're talking about came out since then,but why not start there,and search your way forward for movies for your child.That's what I do,and it's a great starting point.No need to be confused,just look back when you were young,and start from there.You can't go wrong.Believe me.

I have young girls to in the household,so I'll keep posting what films that I think may be of interest for little girls.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids Movies Online

When it comes to 2011 kids movies online.There are alot of great titles to choose from.

I know it comes down to what age your kids are.If they are 13 year olds,I'm sure they have broken you down to get movies like National Teasure.Let alone Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are alot of great online videos that will give ya a good choice on what movie to rent.

I suppose if I was asked what is a good video to rent for kids.I'd be mind boggled.There really are alot of great kid movies out there.Where not just talking 2011 movies either.

When it comes to a good kid movie to rent.Just go with what the latest movie is on,in all the other popular children's movie review boards.

Pretty much all the videos online rent what have you,have a review of the movie & a rating.

If you're going for a disney movie that's animated.You can't go wrong.So if you're looking where to rent kids movies online.Just click the movie link to the left.There will be a search box,and you can type in what kind of movie you're looking for.So you can watch now movies for kids.

Watch Disney Movies Online

To watch disney movies online has never been easier.

The online disney movies at amazon are not only afforadable,but safe to rent online.

Alot of people want to watch movies right now.Have an instant video they can watch a new video rental.

It's so easy to watch disney movies online.I'll keep adding new releases and alot of other popular movies here daily.So keep checking back,or just click the movie link to the left,and search for a movie that interests you.There are alot of good 20011 movies online you can watch.

No need to talk about the most popular movies out there,because we all have certain movies we like.In other words,action,adventures,suspense..or a chick flick.

So no need to ask where to rent disney movies online.The computer will help ya get to Amazon.Com Instant video.That means alot of streaming disney movies online are going to be there waiting for you.

What are the best disney movies for kids?

What are the best disney movies for adults?

First of all,I have no idea what kind of films interest you.There are alot of online disney movies for you to watch there.From the National Treasure the new Pirate of the Caribbean film.

What ever movie you're looking for,just click the image to the left,and do a search on what kid of movie is best for you.

It don't have to be a disney movie.

We're watching the new Source Code movie online right now.Good movie so far,but like I said.If that movie don't interest you.Search for something else.There are alot of great 2011 movies online to rent.

True Stories About Sharks

Here is a movies about true stories of shark attacks.

My wife bought this movie today,and I really had no clue what it was about.

It's about a girl who's practicing for a surfing tournaments,and gets attacked by a shark.She loses her arm also in this shark attack while surfing.

So if you're into movies about shark attacks.This one may be of interest to you.It's a really good movie also,and worthy of sitting on the shelf next to your other shark movies.

I know there are some Disney Shark Movies out there,buit this aint one of them.None the less though,this is a movie about sharks.Not on the same line as Jaws,but none the less if you're looking for some of the best shark movies.This is one of them.

There has been alot of shows on TV about sharks recent.So there really has been alot of interest about these creatures lately.

I got some mail the other day asking me what disney movies about sharks are out there.I think there are some animated movies for kids about sharks,but not sure if they did any real based on a truey story type encounter with sharks.

I know Jaws to this day is probably the best movies about sharks that has ever been made.There really aint a whole lot of the top 10 shark movies list.

National Geographic,and other documentaries would probably be the best source for based on a true story.

Movies based on true stories about sharks are hard to come by.This is one shark video worthy of you collection.

Some good actors in this one too.I was sure suprised to see Dennis Quaid in another shark movie.He was in one of the "Jaws" movies when he was younger.I think it was the 3rd one at the sea park.

Anyways,nice to see him back in a true story about shark attacks.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New 2011 Kids Movies

Lets talk some,on the new 2011 kids movies that came out this year.We all know alot of good films came out in the last few months.

I know this is not one of the newer kids movies that came out this year,but look into that Disney movie called "Up".It's really a great movie for all age ranges.I get alot of e-mal asking me to be more specific in what age range each movie is good for.From 8-10 year olds.To 10-13 year olds etc.That's a hard thing to accomplish,when alot of the kids between 8 and 10 are already big dans of movies like Harry Potter.Then some parents wont let there kids watch it till they are 13 years old etc.

Ok,now lets get back to what kid videos came out this year worth mentioning.

Let us start with some disney movies for adults that kids can watch too.

I have not seen the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" .It's new 2011 videos like this taht spark our curiosity.After all,we're all looking for new good movies that we have not seen before.

I'm glad Disney is making more movies for adults.Many of these films are both good for adults & children.Thus I guess you could classify them as good family movies.

There are alot of good Johnny Depp Disney movies out there.I know he's done a few,and he did another disney 2011 movie this year if I aint mistaken.Some cartoon about fish.Yea it's animated.I'm not sure if it's a disney film though,so I'll have to look into it.

Another good kid movie that's good for adults is that new "Harry Potter" movie.I added that video just a few days ago,so you can either watch it online,or buy it if you want.

I'll add the stream here incase you want to rent & watch now that new Pirates of the Caribbean.On Stranger Tits it's called.So you can watch it online,and decide if you want to buy it.

Now will there be a prt 4 to this movie?I have no idea,and the same goes for the new National Treasure movie.When ever that's coming out.Sometime in 20114 they say.

Now that movie is loved by millions of 8 year olds as well.It goes to show there are alot of good adult movies for kids out there too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Movies 2011

There were alot of good movies in 2011 that hit the big screen.

Movies for kids and adults.

I'll try to come up with a few 2011 movies on DVD that I've watched.I don't go to the theatres much,so really enjoy a good movie in my home.Do up a good dinner,grab my favorite spot on the couch,and throw in a good 2011 movie of something that I have not seen.

I do watch movies several times if it's a good one.

I'm sure many of you who are looking for new movies on dvd might overlook that there really has been alot of good movies that have come out in the last few years.I usually do a search on my favorite actorsmcheck out what movies they have been in,and look at the reviews.

So my search is not just limited to new 2011 movies on DVD.If it's a good movie,and even a classic on an old vcr tape,I'll watch it.

There were not any good cowboy movies though.Sure True Grit was ok,and some really good acting in it,but the last new good cowboy movie that came out was 3:10 To Yuma.Now that film turned out to be one of the best cowboy movies that came out that year.

Now..hmmm?.."Good Movies 2011".

There were quite a few good ones.I have not seen the new Harry Potter yet,but have seen "Unknown" & "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins.

So if you're looking for a good 2011 movie for adults.Maybe give that one a try.You can either buy it,or rent it online for a couple bucks.It was a good movie.I'm just trying to think of something at the top of my mind for something you can watch tonight.

If you're looking for a good kid movie.Try that movie "Up".That one actually is good for adults too.A good family movie.I know it's not a disney 2011 movie,but it sure keeps getting such great reviews,that I believe it's close to the top best 10 movies in like the family section.

The movie I'm going to add tonight here in this post,is 3:10 to Yuma.I know it's not movies 2011 material.But it's a dang good movie none the less.I would love to see this on the big screen.

Change of mind.I think I'll keep to the topic,and post a new 2011 movie on dvd.Like I said.You can buy,or rent it.Just click the link,and look for the instand video link..or the buy button.

I'm going to post "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins.He's such a great actor,and this was a good 2011 movie.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Tangled Now Online

Here you can watch Tangled online streaming to your computer.If you want to rent this video and watch it online.Here it is.

It's great to watch disney movies online has never been easier.

Especially when it comes to popular kids movies.

This is the new Tangled disney movie that's been a big hit with children.

A friend of mine asked where she could watch the tangled movie streaming.

Watching kids movies online has never been easier.If this video interest you,then go ahead and click the link,and you can watch this video now.

This is a great film for the whole family,so if a good disney flick interests you,and you want to rent the movie online to watch on your computer.Then here it is..:)

Watch Disney Up Online

Here you can watch the disney up movie online.Perfect streaming right to your computer.

I like watching movies online,but don't trust alot of the movie sites out here.This is a safe place to watch online movies.

So if you're looking for the best site to watch disney movies online.Here ya go.

To rent the "Movie Up" and watch now can be done in a flick of the fingers across the keyboard.

They have a whole lot of disney kids movies online to watch.

So what are you waiting for.Kick back now and rent the movie up online for just a couple bucks.It's cheeper than renting this video that the video store.Online video stores are way better,and have a big selection of movies to choose from.So if you're looking for a good kids movie online to watch with your children.I can't think of any better movie than "Up".

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Karate Kid 2 Jaden Smith 2012

Karate Kid 2 with Jaden Smith will be coming out in 2012.There sure has been alot of interest in the sequal to this movie.

Lets just hope production does not end up be a Jaden Smith 2013.

I remember the original movie,and this video as well seems to be gaining more interest,and so many kids are looking foward to part 2.

These karate kid movies are sure favorites with the kids..and teens.They really are not that bad of movis,and also a kid learns alot from watching these movies,and from that I don't mean learning karate.

I think the Jaden Smith Karate Kid 2 movie will show just that.So if you're looking for karate kid movies for kids.Then don't pass this second movie up.I know may kids asked is there going to be a karate kid 2?

The answer is wes,and there will most likely even be a karate kid 3.

I think we'll be seeing alot of Jaden Smith movies coming up in the years ahead.His dad is a natural,and I think Jaden will be too.

His father is one of the best,and we can asume the same for his son.

Part 2 Karate Kid we look foward to watching you.

Amazon Kids Movies

When it comes to looking for good films,or videos for children.A person has to look no further than the Amazon Kids Movies that are out there available.

From Disney movies..all the way to the best action adventure movies that we all know kids love.

The best loved kids movies you'll find here.So when it comes to looking for kids movies at Amazon.You've come to the right place.You'll also find alot of good kids movies for adults here too.

I'm glad children movies at amazon have so many good kid videos to choose from.Half the time it's the adult trying to figure out the best adult movies for kids while his looking to buy a good kid movie.

It's also nice that alot of these movies the whole family enjoys.So when it comes to looking for the best movies for young kids.It never really ends up that way.These movies for the young kids,the adults in the family ending up loving as well.

That's why so many of us older folks are shopping for amazon kid movies with an adult interest in mind.

We have to admit,pretty much all the top 10 disney kid movies us adults love just as much.So we're all thankful to the amazon childrens movies.

They are full of family movies as well,and have a ton of kids videos of all sorts of things.From cartoons,to disney films,to other children's movies that we remember watching growing up.

From jungles in the rain forest,to George of the Jungle.We've been there,and have seen that.So what are you waiting for?

Get your kids amazon movies collection growing.

Bear Movies For Kids

Bear movies for kids have been a favorite for children around the world for almost 4 decades now.

So when it comes to the best bear movies for children.I can think of none other than "Winnie the Pooh"

Winnie and all his other friends on various animated adventures that your children will enjoy.

So if you're a parent looking for some good bear movies for kids.Then I'd recommend Winnie the Pooh any day of the week

Cartoon movies about bears have always captivated a kids imagination.

Cinderella On VHS

Many of you are looking for Disney's Cinderella on VHS.Well here is the video tape of this disney classic kids movie.

The story of Cinderella is a classic adventure we all remember.

I first remember watching this when I was a 3 year old with my 5 year old brother.We've been watching this tape for over 20 years now,and surprised it still works.

So if you're looking for the Cinderella VHS Tape.Here is is.Like I said,it's a great disney kid film all us p[arents enkoyed as a kid,and are greatful to pass a good movie along for our children to watch.

Best Kids Movies For Girls

When I think of the best kids movies for girls.The movie Beauty and the Beast comes to mind.Great movies for little girls are a must.

This is a good love story for little kids that they will really enjoy.

Movies kids like is also the important factor,and this is one film that woun't let them down.

Disney's Beauty and the beast is a classic kids movie proven through out the years it's one of the best kids classics around.

The Disney Beauty Beast movie is how my 4 year old daughter says it.When it comes to kids movies for little girls.No parent can go wrong choosing this film.

Sometimes it's hard for parents to know what movies kids like.Especially good movies for children.

Browse through out the site and you'll find other kids movies for girls here as well.

New Movies For Adults

Source Code is a great new movie for adults.You can watch it now streaming.

It's getting good reviews,and going to watch this movie online tonight after dinner.So if you're looking to rent this video online.Here it is.It's available to rent.

I need some good movies to watch all the time.It's easier just watching them on my computer,than driving to town to the gas station to rent it,and that's if it's even avalable.

So if you want to watch Source Code online now.Here it is.

It's about a soldier that keeps waking up in some guys body looking for a bomb on a train.Like I said..I haven't seen it yet.I'm going to watch this video tonight.

There are alot of new movies for adults out,and I'll make sure to add a few of some of them you can watch now online.

Watch Harry Potter Now

Here you can watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows online streaming to your computer.Sometimes it's easier renting a movie online,than it is to go rent one from the video store.

It's a good movie to watch now.

I got an e-mail and someone said give me a good movie to watch.Well the new Harry Potter movies is available,and a dang good movie to rent and watch online.

This is a good one to watch when your bored too.

Anyways,here you can watch the New Harry Potter streaming online.

Some Great Movies For Kids

Some great movies for kids is something every parent appreciates to have on hand.

Here's the Toy Story video,and that's one of the more popular kids movies we've all heard of.It's a great movie children.Kids who like cowboys won't be dissapointed in this video.

This is a good film for young children as well.For some reason all children love cowboy kids movies.So Buzz and his pals will certainly not let you down in this kid's adventure movie.

I'll be adding some other great kids movies here shortly.

Animal Movies For Kids

When it comes to animal movies for kids.I always look back to the day gowing up watching Grizzly Adams on TV.

I'm sure alot of children just loved that show.It was a good safe movie for children,and a movie that wouldn't give them bad dreams at night.

Kids have always liked movies about bears.In this case it was Ben the friendly bear.Adams best friend,and together they became a legend.

Movies for kids about animals are something every parent should have in their video collection on hand.

Dan Haggerty movies are classics,and in my opinion some of the best animal kids movies out there.

Children need good movies to keep them entertained,and the Life and Times of Grizzly is on video that will surely not let them down.

I miss Mad Jack..What's his name again?..I can't remember at present,but he sure did add some spark to that series.Him & #7 I'll never forget.

I'll be adding the best animal movies for kids today.So keep checking back.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Goonies VHS

Alot of us are on the hunt for The Goonies VHS tape.

A great family kid movie for everyone's collection.A classic kids movie from the past.This movie is just as good today,as when it first came out.

I added The Goonies on VHS tape because many of us still play movies on our VCR's.

To sum this movie up,I'd say the just of it is a bunch of kids searching for a long lost pirate treasure,and bump into some criminals along the way.This is a great kids movie.A great movie that the whole family will enjoy.

I love Steven Spielberg kid movies.Didn't he do the Star Wars movies too?

This guy captures the imaginations of all ages when it comes to the movies he has a say in.The Steven Spielberg children movies are something all us parents are greatful for.

So I added the goonies video tape for those of you who still have VCR Players.

This movies is really a heart felt,action,down to earth one of the best kids pirate movies out there.They should make more pirate kid movies.Films like this really catch the imagination of kids.There is nothing like searching & looking for lost treasure.Every girl & boy longs for adventures like this,and this kids treasure hunting movie will capture their imagination,and they will believe that there is lost burried treasure out there.

If you have a DVD player,you can also buy the goonies dvd.I'm sure they have it on blu-ray too.I just added the goonies vhs because alot of people are still searching for it on tape too.

If you're wonder what the movie is more about.To sum it up..It's a kids treasure hunting movie.

I'd say this movie is good for 9 year olds and up.So if you're looking for good movies for children 10 years old and up.This is one of them.There is really no violence in this movie,or nothing a person should worry about.Just when it comes to plots for looking for lost treasure with pirates involved.It's usuailly 10 year olds..or 12 year olds and up that start getting interested if something is burried in the dirt.This is a great kid family movie for early teens and up.The first time I watched it I was 20 years old..and loved it.

This is not a disney pirates..or a disney treasure movie.

It's Steven Spielberg movies for kids like this one that get us parents interested.This VHS Goonies tape is ready to go.So if you're looking to buy it online.Here it is..:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Movies For 3 Year Olds

I'd start with some of your older disney classics when looking for the best movies for 3 year olds.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is always one that comes to mind.My 2 year old & my 3 year old loved that movie.So I know the difficulty of find the best movies for children that are safe for our kids.

I'd definately stick with animation & cartoons.When 3 year old little girls are just learning about the world.It's nice have safe movies for children to watch on hand.That's why I love alot of those older disney movies.

A friend of mine asked me.."What's a good movie for a 3 year old?" .Right away,I answered go with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"'s rated G..and young kids just love this video.

I sure do miss my 3 year olds watching disney movies.The memories of them just watching these films,are just as good movies were meant to be

We all know we want to play it safe with our 3 year old children.Stick with some of the older classic cartoon movies.Movies you enjoyed as a kid growing up.It's new to them too,so don't let old disney movies fool ya.There just as good today,as they were yesterday.

Your 4 year olds..and 5 year olds will love this movie too.It's really a good movie the whole family can enjoy.It's the best movies for young kids that interest us parents.We appreciate the Rated G movies.

Top Family Movies

The top family movies out that are many.A list to long to go over,but we can start off with the most popular ones first.

One movie I have not been able to shut up out.Is the "Up" Dsiney movie that came out in 2009.That's here on the site,so just look for the link for the video.

Now that movie I'd consider a great family movie.Good for all ages.We're both in our 40's..and the kids love it,we love it,and everyone of all ages love it.

Another film that should go on the best family movies of all time list is the well known movie "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart.That was a great family Christmas movie.

"Spirited Away" that came out in 2001 was another good family video I'd recommend to all parents.It's a animated Japenese film that will truely get to your heart.

The new Star Wars movies are still #1 in the top family movies list.Maybe it's because it's still new.Alot of the classic disney films are trailing them.So we'll see.

I think we all remember Wall-E.Another 2008 disney movie that really got our attention.

Toy Story 3 is still hanging in there at the top 10 kids movies still,but like I said.Alot of the older disney classics are right behind.It's probably because some of these are still new disney movies at the theatres.

We can't leave out the "Wizard of Oz" .Now that's probably one of the best classic family movies all time,next to "It's a Wonderful Life" of course.

The original "Toy Story" really has held it's weight for 16 years now.Some of those 1990 Disney movies sure hang in there as the top family movies of all time.

If you're asking what the #1 & the #2 top family movies are with the most votes.

It's one of the Star Wars movies...It's Star Wars 5 "The Empire Strikes back.That's probable the top kids movie of all times as well.

The the #2 To Family movie is the Star Wars 4 "A New Hope"..That came out in

Then it "It's a Wonderful Life..Toy Story 3..that's because it's still new.Toy Story 1 has more votes though.Those Disney Toy Story videos sure are popular.

Keep checking back,and I'll keep going down the list of family movies.I'll get the 2010 & the 2011 ones up first,then just keep going down the list.

There are alot of good family videos out there,and I'll make sure to get them up on the site.

So if you're looking for the best family kid movies.The "Empire Strikes Back" movie will surely not let you down,if you have not seen it yet.

Oh..but remember.When the Holidays come around.Just remember that the best family Christ mas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life".

I'll be adding more holiday family movies too.It's nice watching a good video with family during the holidays.

Best World War 1 Movie

If you're looking for the best "World War 1 Movie".Then you must watch the Lost Batallion movie.My this a great action war movie about World War I

Rick Schroder is in this one,and he should have won an acadamy award.

I can't express enough that this is the best World War 1 movie out there.

It's also based on a true story.

The German's have the surrounded.No escape.They fight on,and inflict alot of damage earning alot of respect not only from the Brittish,but also the German's themselves.

If you're your looking for some good world war 1 movies.This one is a must for your collection.This is not a Disney War movie.

A person don't see alot of "World War I" movies on TV..or anywhere for that matter.They seem to make all the best World War II movies every few years or so.But a person never hears about any new war movies when it comes to the first world war.

This in my opinion is one of the best action war movies ever made.

I'd recommend this film to anyone interested in World War One movies.

I'd put this up there with Saving Private Ryan.That's how good it is.

A true story about a relatively unknown event during World War I.It's one of the best war movies ever made.

If you don't have this video.I strongly recommend picking it up.The WWI War was a horror.

The best world war 1 movie ever made.

Disney Movies 2009

When it comes to Disney Movies 2009.I'm pretty sure "Up" is the top movie of that year.

Another good 2009 Disney Movies is "Race To Witch Mountain.So they did put out alot of good movies that year.

It's been awhile since I watched the With Mountain movie,so can't remember alot of it,but I did very much enjoy the film.

The movie "Up" you'll love.It's about a funny old man,and a young little boy scout who end up bonding on one wild journey.So when it comes to 2009 family movies.This is definately one of them.So make sure to watch this one,and like I said.It's great for all ages,and one of the best 2009 family movies.

Robin Williams and Nicolas Cage also did a couple 2009 disney movies.One was "Old Dogs"..and the other "G-Force".I have not seen them either,but from the reviews these films don't come close to "Up"..or "Race To Witch Mountain".

Now another film that came out this year is "Ponyo".Some kind cartoon about a gold fish who wants to be human.The reviews are pretty good,so this movie might be worth checking out.

Some other 2009 videos that come to mind are the "The Princess and the Frog" & of course "Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey.

But when it comes to the best 2009 kids movies.That movie "Up" leaves all the other's in the dust.

Best Kids Movies 2011

When it comes to the best kids movies 2011.We know for sure it's the last Harry Potter that came out,and still in theatres.Soon as it becomes available on DVD I'll add it to the site.

There were alot of good 2011 kids movies that came out this year.

Pirates of the Caribbean.. "On Stranger Tidess" is one that comes to mind.I know these movies are kinda for the older kids.I'll make sure to discuss some that are good for the young kids.They like their movies too.

It's good to see Johnny Depp Disney movies.They are so good to watch,and make great family movies for any parents collection.These are the movies I feel safe letting my teens watch.

The kids 2011 movie list wouldn't be just,if I didn't include the new Winnie the Pooh movie.I have not seen that one yet,but will for give it a review when I'm done watching it.

Some of the kids movies 2012 that are on the way,are going to be fun watching as well.But I'll try to get back on topic and stay with the 2011 kids movies for now.Just looking foward to the older kids and teen movies more per say.

I'm dying for National Treasure Part 3 to come out,but that is not suppose to come out till 2014.Wonder why they are waiting so long.We're all dying to see it!!

Plus the 3rd Disney Johnny Depp movie on stranger tidess.Some of the Johnny Depp kids movies are pretty dang good.

But back to the "New Winnie the Pooh Movie".The reviews on it are still coming it,so I'll update this after I watch it.Alot of us ignore movie reviews anyways.If it's a disney film we love it.They are all pretty good,but as with everything in life.Some things we love more than others.We all have opinions on what the top 2011 walt disney videos are.

But when it really comes down to the best movies for kids 2011.It's films like "The Goonies"..and "Hook" with Robin Williams and other past classic favorites.Many of the top kids movies are not just Disney.So it's hard to just have a 2011 movie list only going into deatil about this years movies.

I'd like to stick to the best family movies we all remember growing up.These family & kids movies are what made us who we are today.Full of good memories watching these children's films.

Keep checking back for the recent disney list of movies that I add to the site,but like I said.Not all these films will be disney videos.

Well..I'm going to get back to adding the best kids movies 2011.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

List Of Disney Movies

The list of Disney movies goes on.Here is one of their first classic animated movies."Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

I'll be making a list of dsney movies by year later on this week.Having a list of the best animated movies on hand,helps us parents choose the best movies for kids.

I know alot of the great kids movies our there,are not all from Disney.But a huge chunk of them are.

Tomorrow I'll start with a good list of kids disney movies.I'll go by year on the release date.

The 2010 & 2011 movies have been super popular lately.But so is this "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD".

So the list of disney movies will go back 74 years.But some of the best movies by disney itself go back to the 1930's.

I know a list of animated disney movies will be seperate from the non-cartoon movies.

I think alot of these films could be described as "Disney Action Movies".Yea..I think some of these movies have a little action.

Like National Treasure for starters.Even the Sorcerers Apprentice.Those can be described as Disney Action movies.Not to mention full of adventures.

Are there a 100 Disney movies with some action out there?..I'd say the answer to that is a big yes.

These films have kept us enteratained for years.We're glued to the screen feeling like we ourselves alot for the disney adventure this studio offers,and has been offering close to 80 years.

So I'll be having a list of 2011 movies.Then I'll go back to the disney 2010..and so forth.

Every decade there are alot more classic movies that come out,that end up being the top movies for the year.

So stay tuned for the list of animated disney movies....I make sure there is a seperate list for the action movies.

But when a person thinks about it.It's the adventure movies for kids that really are loved by us older folk too.

We still have a sense of adventure,and it sure is great to drift ofs in disney adventure movies as well.

Now when a person see's the Rated PG..or PG 13 we know there is going to be some action and adventure in the movie.

So I might even make a list of disney action movies as well,and show what rating each film has.

Some of the Walt Disney PG 13 movies consist of one movie series we all love.Pirates of the Caribbean.

So I'll get some good lists going.Seperate each movie by year,if it's a cartoon..or not etc.

So keep checking back for a list of disney movies that I do up.Each week I go on a kick representing the best liest of disney movies on each specific niche.Whether it be about hores..Or the 2011 dog movies.

So keep checking back..I'll even be adding a list of disney songs..:)

Disney Horse Movies

When it comes to Walt Disney Horse Movies.A few films come to mind.

The most recent movie about horses by Disney is "Secretariat".As I mentioned in another post.This movie may be one of the best horse movies of all time.

This film is good for 13 year olds..and up.So it would make a great teen movie as well.One of the greatest 2010 horse movies in my book.

Another good horse movie for kids is one film we have all heard of.Remember the "Black Stallion".I may make a seperate post for that,for those of you who might be interested in purchasing that movie.It's not a Disney film,but none the less.It's a great horse movie for children.

This studio did make a movie called "The Young Black Stallion".I haven't seen it,but heard it was a good horse movie for kids.

We all love animals,and when we see a pony,or horse for that matter,it catches our attention.

I'd have to describe Disney's Secretariat as one of the best race horse movies 2010.No way can anyone come up with a better one next year in 2011.People are going to be talking about this movie for some time.Especially those who love race horse movie.Maybe better said just love horses in general.

I sure hope to see more John Malkovich Disney films in the future.The guy is a great actor,and really added a good spark to this movie.

So anyways,if you love horse movies.Then check out "Secretariat" and I assure you,that you won't be sorry.The best horse movie of all time.This video will go down in the top rated movies of all time.

Well..SeaBiscuit was a dang good movie too.I guess I love good movies about horses.Then everytime a good one comes out,I fall in love all over again.

So I think it was a good idea do add some "Disney Horse Movies" to the site.I'll be adding some other good films about horses,that are not Disney.But all the same.We need to share what are the best childrens horse videos.So us parents know what's good for our kids.

Good Disney Movies For Children

It's easy to find good Disney movies for children.They are good movies for all ages as far as I'm concerned.

One movie that comes to mind is "Hook".That's a good Disney movie for children of all ages.

Robin Williams does one heck of a job in this,and love Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.Robin Williams plays Peter Pan in this one,and Julia Roberts is a cute little ferry.

I'd say this movie is good for 8-10 year olds and up.This is a great family movie as well.

From popular disney movies on the new Swiss Family Robinson movie coming out next year.You can count on "Walt Disney" to make things right for your children.

I'd say the best childrens movies 2010 would be Toy Story 3.Tom Hanks still going at it as "Woody the Cowboy".If you love horse movies.You might want to see if you're children would be interested in "Secretariat".That film may be suited better for 10 year olds and up though.Alot of children love Disney Horse Movies.So just wanted to share that with you.I wouldn't be surprised if the best disney movies 2010 has to offer.That Secretariat will come down as one of the best horse movies ever.The reviews have been fantastic.

Another one that comes to mind as the best disney kids movie 2010 is "Tangled".That movie also got great reviews,so I'd say it's good a children's movie for 7 year old to 10 year olds.Adults will love this animated film as well.It's still hard to believe even im my 40's I still love cartoons as much as my 13 year old.

However though,I'd have to say when it comes to the best animal movies for kids.My favorite is "Narnia".So as you see.Good disney movies for children are easy to find.
I encourage you though to watch Narnia.It's a great animal movie for children of all ages.I'm 42 years old and I loved that movie,and still very much do.

It's great if you're looking where to buy older Walt Disney movies.Here you can find them used.Some copies cheap in price.So wondering where to buy walt disney films shouldn't be a problem for you.The list here goes on..and on.

As we all know.The Disney Animated films have really taken off ever since they have been making them.I believed their first cartoon was created in 1932.Parents have been thankful that their movies for children have been entertaining families for over 70 years..and still going strong.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Animal Disney Kids Movies

When it comes to every parent,we take our animal disney movies serious.I know many of you are looking for the best walt disney movies 2010.That may be perhaps you've seen all the best kids disney movies.

When it comes to good movies for kids,you know the best movies for children have the disney label.

One parent asked if National Treasure was good for kids.Of course it is..not for a 5 year old,because a 5 year old wouldn't be interested in that kinda kids movie to begin with.

For 8-10 year olds and up.I'd say National Treasure is a good kids movies as well.

If you're an etra prtecting can't go wrong it "Narnia".When it comes to the best kids movies ever..that's one of them.So when it comes down to the best animal movies for kids.That's one of them.

Alot of parents look for the best kids movie 2011...It could even be 2010 for that matter.

The best kids movie for any given year are disney films.No two doubts about it.

So the best movies for children 2011..or 50 years in the past are disney flicks.That's the truth.

So the best places to buy childrens movies is with disney.You'll find the best kids movies at Amazon.

That's right.You can buy the best kids movies online at amazon.

The disney animal movies for kids you can't go wrong with.Especially if your a parent.Kids love animal movies,and when it comes to my children I want them to watch videos I can trust.Not the drama,crime..and I'm sure we all know what else.We don't want our little ones watching this kind of stuff.

That's why I let my young children only watch the best disney animal movies,and the "Disney Narnia" viseo is one of the classic films.

These movies offer hope & courage..and meaning of life..good manners so to speak with kids.

The walt disney animal movies mean alot to us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Top Kids Movies Boys and Girls

When it comes to the best dvds for kids.Whether it's the new "Swiss Family Robinson" movie coming out next year,or the "Secretariat Movie Disney" everyone has been talking about.When it comes to good disney movies for kids.You can't go wrong with films like that.

Movie for kids 2011 is what every parent has been looking for.I keep telling them to get the "Disney Up Movie".So when it comes to 2011 kids movie that's a start.

There are so many good movies out there for children of all ages buy Disney.

It's not just good movies for boys either.Alot of parents are looking for the best kids 2011 movies.Something new,something to keep the kids entertained.

I know alot of good movies for kids will be the Will Smith Family Robinson..the new flick coming out next year.

So no matter how you word it.Good movies for kids in 2011 is an easy quest,and there are a ton of good videos are there for parents to keep their kids glued to the screen.Not to close though..not good for the eyes.

I'd start with the "Walt Disney Dog Classic Movies.Such as the top dog movie for kids.Voted over and over again as the best.That's the Disney Lady and the Tramp movie.It's hard to believe that movie came out over 55 years ago.It's certainly in the top dog movies for children.

We can't leave out "The Fox and The Hound Movie".That's another great dog movie for kids.Even many of us adults love this film.I've always been a lover of disney dog classics.

I've a;so mentione many times the kids dog movie 101 Dalmatians Disney DVD.I believe that's a good kids dog movie on "vhs" too.

The Incredible Journey that came out in 1963 was also another dang good dog video for children.

The Homeward Bound Disney Series was also good dog videos for kids.

So whether it's top kids movies for boy..or the little ladies.Rest assured the top kids movies for kids could very well have to do with dogs.Maybe puppies.Everyone loves new dog movies 2011.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Disney Movies Are Good For A

                                      I've received alot of

 e-mail this week asking many various questions.From dog movies for an 8 year old.To what Disney movies do a 13 year old like.

I have 3 children,and when asking yourself what disney movies by age are best for your kids.Just remember many of these films

are for all ages.

You've heard of great family movies for all ages..haven't you?

So your 13 year old will like National Treasure just as much as my grandmother does.

Many of the Disney movies for boys and girls are great for all ages.

When my mother is here she watches movies with our 3 year old.She loves the movies just as much as she does.

However lately though..there have been some good Disney movies for teens coming out.As I just mentioned National Treasure with Nicolas Cage was one of those films.Another one with Mr.Cage is the Sorcerer's Apprentice.That w

as a pretty good movie too.Not as good as the National Treasure Triology.Well,it'll soon be a triology once they make the 3rd movie that suppose to be coming out in the next year,or so.

So when asking yourself what are good Disney movies for a teen..or a 5 year old.You don't have to worry to much if he..or she will like the movie.

I know some teenagers don't like cartoons,or animated movies.They are at that age where they are to grown up for it.Well,at lea

st the rule applies to the boys.The girls love all the Disney movies from what I other words my experience.

For those of you who keep asking me "what are some new disney movies" Just check the site here.Soon as any Disney movie comes available.I'll will add it to the site.

The next movie coming out is called "1906" and live action disaster movie about secrets and lies surrounding the 1906 San Fran

cisco earthquake.It was major fires that also contributed to the death toll.Now this sounds like it'll be an interesting film.

I know the next Disney moving coming out don't sound all that much for kids,or if will be something that entertains my 7 year old.But none the less I'm sure it'll be a dang good documentary.

Another Disney Documentary that comes to mind is "Aliens of the Deep".It's about live deep in the ocen where the sunlight don't exist.It's called "Aliens Of The Deep" because many scientists think this is what life form could look like on other planets.It's a super interesting movie great for kids of all ages.

So anyways I hope I'm making sense when it comes to the difficulty in describing what age ranges this studio's films are for.Can I sum it up great for all ages?

So Walt Disney movies good for kids..many of them end up being great for teens too.

Another question I get all the time from parents is a good one."What are the best disney movies for boys"...then vice v

ersa of course too.

I know boys like watching little boys in some far off adventure.The same goes for little girls too.

Now the movie "Narnia" comes to mind.That was a great disney movie for little boys..and little girls.Not to mention a great movie for teens.My 13 year old daughter just loved the film,and so did the little children they's babysit.So

when it comes to the movies by age.That's a question that just can't be answered.

If you're children are under the age of 4 year olds.You can't go wrong with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.When they get a tad older,rest assured that disney movies for 8 year olds are out there too.

I know I keep mentioning the movie "Up".That is a movie for 8 year olds and up.All the way to 100.

Some times the best disney movies for girls.The boys love as well.Such as the infamous "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

So take a chance,and read some of the Disney reviews here.If the movie bombs's not listed here.The Disney movie list here are of the best disney movies for kids.One's where the dog comes home and the animals go free.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Robin Williams Movies

I'd like to talk a little about the best Robin Williams movies.

The guy put out alot of great,if not some of the greatest movies of all time.

A Robin Williams movie that comes to mind is the Disney Hook movie.Have any of you seen the Robin Williams Hook video?

It's a great movie for teen disney kids..and adult alike.

Remember the Robin Williams Mrs Doubtfire movie?

I know it's not a disney movie,but all the same that was a darn good movie.A little bit for the adults,but it made a great disney teen video as well.

Many of us ask what are the best Robin Williams movies?Those who I have asked that very question,it's to overwhelming.

I love all his movies..down to the Mrs. Doubtfire video.

One thing I have to say,is I don't like Robin Williams playing a bad guy.

He's such a good actor.I love his drama,his humor..and him being the good guy.

I'm sure he's taken us all by the heart,and he really adds the touch to the movie with his acting abilities.

The only Robin Williams 2010 movies I'm aware of is..well I'm not sure..He's doing a voice in The friend is.He's doing a voice only of one of the charactors.I'm clueless about the movie.I wish I could share more about it,but have not seen it yet.So we can't expect anything more than that for this year.

But he does have a 2011 and a 2012 film coming out,but it won't be till 2012 we see him on the big picture.

So there will be a shortage of Robin Williams movies this year,and the next.

I guess I'm just thankful I can still pop in one of his videos from some of his movies made in the 1990's..and 2000 and beyond range.

I'll be posting more of his movies this week.

Robin Williams Walt Disney

When it comes to Robin Williams in kids movies,you know you got a good safe movie for kids.

I think you're all going to be in for a treat  when Will Smith Walt Disney hook up in the remake of Swiss Family Robinson.Now that's going to be a dandy good movie.

We can't leave out the classic disney movies for 3 year olds either.I'd say pick up the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" video.For 3 year old and up.That is a great disney kid movie.

In honesty,there are alot of great disney movies for kids out there.I'm happy to say that the best childrens kid movies are disney classics.

A parent can't go wrong when it comes to the great family movies this studio has been pumping out for 80+ years.

When it comes to kids movies with Robin Williams we all know what movie comes to mind.The "Jumanji" movie.That was such a great movie.As a matter of fact I might watch that one tonight.

He's done alot of other adorable movies as well.When it comes to Robin Williams Walt Disney you can't go wrong.Remember him in "Hook".Now that was one of the great disney movies we all remember.It was a great kids movies that even us teens..and adults enjoyed.A true disney classic.

The "Robin Williams Walt Disney" videos are films I watch over,and over again through out the years.

I'm glad we have some Will Smith Walt Disney on the way as well.Good movies for kids is something all us parents appreciate.

They have classic disney movies for 5 year olds that even the 8 year olds love.Even adults that have passed their teen years by a good 50 years love the movie just as much as 8 year old.

Many Walt Disney PG movies that us adults just eat up.Such as when Nicolas Cage Walt Disney hook up.That's a good combination and all of us know it's going to be a good film.

A couple of the Disney Nicolas Cage that come to mind is "National Treasure" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".I'm sure that movie has been mispelled a few times while searching to buy it online.

It was a pretty good movie,and enjoyed it very much.I'd have to say that a good disney teen movie.

As I said,there are alot of Walt Disney PG rated movies out there,so rest assured there are alot of good disney teen movies that will interest the older crowd.

Many times you'll find a 10 year old watching this movies,and the adult no matter waht his age are loving them just as much.

So the classic disney movies for kids are films for individuals of all ages.I know the tad bit of the older crowd when they are in their teens are hard to buy a movie for.The funny thing is many of these movies could be described as family disney movies the whole gang enjoys.Not just the little kids.

So alot of these movies could be described,or recommended for kids of all ages.From a 4 year old to a 13 year a 15 year 100.

From Disney movies with Robin William in Will Smith doing the Swiss Family Robinson remake.

It's all good...:)

Tangled Video

So far the best disney movie 2010 is the Tangled video.

Here is the Tangled DVD for sale to the right.So if you're interested in this movie give it a try.I'm glad the childrens disney movies keep coming.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Movies For Kids

Nothing like some good old walt disney movies to watch to keep the mood bright.

Here is the first Disney 101 Damations movies.I must say this is a popular movie even today when it comes to Disney Dog Movies.

I also added the VHS version for those of you looking for movies in VHS.So for those of you who love movies about little puppies.You're certainly in for a treat.

When it comes to good movies for kids.You can't go wrong with this video.Especially if you are a lover of Disney Dog Videos.

I asked a friend of mine what their favorite disney movies were,and she brought up this movie.She didn't like the movie that followed years later,that was not a cartoon.

This is the 101 Dalmatians cartoon.We both love the animated version better.

I can always count on safe movies for kids to watch,when the movie comes from my Walt Disney movie collection.

I probably have about 20 or so disney movies.Alot of them are great adult disney videos that I've personally watched about a gazillion times.

There are some good movies coming out next year,some good adult theme ones that I'm really looking foward to.Like the 3rd National Treasure expected to come out early 2014.I thought it was coming out next year.We'll have to wait and see I guess.

Another reason why Disney movies for kids are safe.Is they don't have the gore,or the violence..nor the other hanky panky stuff.When it comes to the mushy mushy,they keep things to a romantic level.

We need movies we can trust with our kids.

My 101 Dalmation VHS video is one of those movies,and I'd like to encourage all you other parents out there.To do your best to have safe movies for kids in the home.

You can't go wrong with Disney films.

But is the 101 Dalmation movie.One is in VHS...the other DVD.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Disney Dog Movies

I know alot of you wonder what some great dog movies are.I get mail all the time asking what are some good disney movies for a 5 year old?

A week later I get another e-mail..asking what are some good movies for 3 year olds?

Thank goodness for Walt Disney Movies.Whether your a 2 year old.Maybe even a mother wondering what are some good movies for a 10 year old.

Walt Disney Kids Movies a mother can trust.Not only that,but alot of us adults love Disney Movies.I remember falling in love with Disney when I was an 8 year old.

Especially when it comes to some great dog movies.The Disney homeward bound movie is one of those videos I will never get enough of.

Many ask where can I watch Homeward bound?..It's like buy a dvd player and watch it at home.Buy the video,because it's one you'll watch over,and over again.

The best disney dog movie is Homeward Bound.But many could claim the best dog movie is White Fang.They are both great dog movies for a best kids dog movies collection.

I've asked several people..single,and parents and many claim the "best dog movie" is homeward bound.

The dog movies by Disney have captivated the imagination of millions for almost a century..minus 20 years of course,but certainly getting there.

So when it comes to dog movies by Disney.Or if you're a mother wondering what the best movies for 5 year olds.Look no further.There are tons of great disney kids movies out here.Great for kids..and great for the whole family.So it's not just

What are some good disney movies for teens?..I'd have to say the White Fang movie was pretty dang good.I know movies for teens can be tricky,but this movie is just as good as the horse movies that pretty much all teen girls love.They love animal movies.Not just the girls..but the boys too.

My little 7 year old is always asking for disney cartoon movies about dogs.It's dog cartoons this,or I want to watch a disney do movie.Or can I get a disney dog cartoons video for my birthday.

She's only a 4 year old now,but 4 year olds grow up fast,and can't wait till she's an 8 or 9 year old to turn her on to the White Fang .As you see,there is no need to ask what the teen disney movies have to offer.If you're seeking the top 10 disney films..or the top 100 disney movies about animals.This is it.

I know alot of us adults dwell is there going to be a national treasure 4?

We'll have to see on that..:)

The best Disney animal movies are a great choice for a parent..and for the kid.If it's a Disney Dog..or a Disney Cat.The Disney animal movies have alot of critters to choose from.

So if it's bears or the lions that interest you,or the disney movies about cats.This studio has something to offer for every animal lover who loves animated film..or new animal cartoon movies by disney.

My grandma always loved the dog movies.My sister always loved the disney horse movies she use to watch with her daughter.They loved to watch the videos of the new release movies about animals.Watching the adventures from the White Fang Disney Video..To the Homeward Bound movie they'd watch over,and over again.

We hope to see the dog walt days come back again!!..So it's just not disney movies for 5 year old.Or disney movies for little girls..or little boys.

New Disney Dog Videos are for everybody from all age groups. 6 year olds or 7 year olds.As I said some parents are looking for kids movies for little boys disney related,or that perfect disney girl movie to get their kids interested in animation.

I know I'm talking about the age that all us parents love,and have the option of a good video for kids.But there is just more than teen disney movies.There are alot of adult disney movies for us older crowd too.

Looking way past part 3 in the national treasure series.But looking foward toif there will be a National Treasure 4 as well.

Walt Disney Dog Movies

If you're into Walt Disney Dog Movies.Make sure to get "Spooky Buddies"

New dog movies are hard to come by,but thanks to Disney we have plenty of good new dog movies to watch.

Some of the best dog movies ever made were by Disney.

Such as White Fang..and Old Yeller.

So for July kids movies you can't beat "Spooky Buddies".

I'll be adding alot more of the top dog movies ever made,and a majority of them will most likely be all Disney.

Dog movies for kids have always been a favorite through the years.

New Swiss Family Robinson Movie

I'm so looking foward to the new Swiss Family Robinson movie that's coming out next year.

I'm highly looking foward to it,and I loved the old Walt Disney Swiss Family Robinson movie too.

Here you can buy the first movie and it's also available on VHS incase you still use a VCR Player.

But anyways.There is a remake of this film coming out,and none other than Will Smith and  Jada Pinkett Smith.This is going to be a great flick,and sure am looking foward to seeing it.

I think Swiss Family Robinson 2012 could very well be the #1 movie next year.I just know this is gonna be good.

So anyways.Here you can buy the first disney familiy robinson vhs..I don't think this movie is available on blu-ray though.

I'd like to add the movie trailer along with some behind the scenes on the making of this new movie.

Looks like Will Smith Walt Disney are now teaming up.

Chronicles of Narnia Video

If you have not seen the first Chronicles of Narnia video.Here it is.It's actually my favorite of the triology.So it's a must for your collection.

There was a big white polar bear in this movie,and it reminded me of the news I read this morning about the polar bears dying on the long swim due to melting ice.They migrate to other grounds in search of food,and the young polar bears dying can't make the swim.It's so sad when climate change take place,and certain species are really effected.

But back to the movie.The Chronicles of Narnia video is something the whole family will enjoy.

You'll also hear a familiar voice.The lion's voice is Liam Neeson.

This such a great Disney movie and good for kids 2 years 100.You'll love this film,and it's a movie you'll watch many times over.s a matter of fact,I might watch it tonight.

Now I have to go find a movie of baby polar bears to watch.

Walt Disney Up Video

The Walt Disney Up Video.

This movie was absolutely adorable.

My friend Luara Scooner mentioned that this movie could very well climb up to within the top 5 disney movies of all time.

This is my favorite movie at present.If you're looking for the best disney movies for boys.I'd have to say this is one of them.

Laura Scooner also mentioned this is a great movie for adults too.

It's about an older man,and a young boy scout meeting up who go on one heck of an adventure.I'd consider this one of disneys best adventure movies.

So if you're looking for the Walt Disney Up Video here it is.This is the DVD,They also have it available on blu-ray.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Disney Secretariat Movie

The Disney Secretariat movie is now available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

When it comes to the best movies about horses.I'd have to say this is one of the best horse movies ever made,and not only that.It's based on a true story.It's the best film in my walt disney 2010 movie list.Yes,this movie in my opinion is one of the top 10 best movies of 2010.

Here you'll find the best place to buy Secretariat online.

I'm sure this is one of the best horse movies ever made.I just love this movie.

So here is the movie if you're interested in it.You'll agree it's one of the best 2010 movies.

New Disney Movies

The new disney movies are on the way.

The one's in theatres now are is the new Winnie the Pooh movie.

Cars 2 is in theatres,and Pirates of the Caribbean : The "On Stranger Tides.I really want to get the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Dvd when it's available.

Here are the available New Disney Movies out on DVD and Blu_Ray.

Lemonade Mouth DVD is available.It stars Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, and Hayley Kiyoko.The Walt Disney  Lemonade Mouth DVD has got great reviews.When it comes to teen disney movies.This is a good one.

Tron Legacy DVD is also available.We all know who's the star of that movie.The cast includes Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, and Garrett Hedlund.

Now the Tangled DVD is also avalable.I have yet to see this movie.So if you're interested in The Disney Tangled DVD here it is.The cast is Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy.This is kind of a musical too,but for having some musical parts in it,I heard it was still a dang good movie.So don't let that scare ya.Kids should like it to,but mostly adults are the reviews I've been reading .They say nothing but good things about it.

Now if you're into Disney Horse Movies.Then you have to get the Disney Secretariat DVD.Everyone who has seen this movie loves it.I think it's one of the best walt disney horse movies ever to come out on thew big screen.The cast in this film are Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Scott Glenn, and James Cromwell.

So as you can see,there really are alot of great new disney movies out.

I can't express enough.If you wonder to yourself what are the best horse movies out there.The Walt Disney Secretariat DVD is the best horse movie ever.

The new Bambi DVD is out to.I have yet to still watch that.

It's amazing all the new disney animal movies that are out.I guess when you think about it.Disney is always putting out new animal movies.The best movies for kids in my book,and some of the greates movies for adult as well.

So surf the site for the "New Disney Movies" that may be of an interest to you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs VHS

Here is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs VHS tape.One of the greatest disney movies of all time.This classic disney movie came out in 1937.It's hard to believe all these years have gone by,and this is still the greatest disney classic movie of all time.

So if your're wondering what the best disney movies for kids are.This is one of them.It's great for 2 year olds.3 year olds..all the way to 100 year olds.Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs VHS is a movie your children will watch over,and over again.Kids just love this movie.

The names of the dwarfs are Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy, and Doc.

This Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs VHS will show up at your door in 2-3 business days.When you buy at you know it's safe,and a trusted place on where to buy things online.

Disney Cinderella DVD

I get alot of mail asking me to repost the Disney Cinderella DVD link to

This is also one of the top walt disney movies of all time.A movie that will be just as popular a 100 years from now,as it was 50 years ago when it was created.

This walt disney cinderella dvd will show up in about 3 days in the mail.It's quick when you order it and buy it online.

I also added walt disney cinderella vhs tape if you don't have a blu-ray..or dvd player.

It's hard to believe that 1950 disney movies are just as popular today as yesterday.These all time classic disney movies sure carry on the tradition of being the best kids movies ever made.

So if you're looking where to buy the cinderella dvd online.Here ya go.It's a movie worth of your disney collection.

Best Disney Movies

When it comes to the best disney movies.The Disney Toy Story DVD is ranked up there in the top 10 I'm sure.

I've loved the Tom Hanks Walt Disney movies.He sure does a great voice for animated movies.Tim Allen also did a great job,and Don Rickles was a nice touch to the movie also.

So if you're looking for the Walt Disney Toy Story DVD.Here it is.It will be one of the "best disney movies" in your collection.

You can also get the Toy Story VHS also if you don't have a dvd player.

Woody the toy cowboy has been loved by millions,and you'll love him too.You're family will consider this the best disney movie in your home collection.

Bambi DVD Amazon.Com

Bambi DVD special.Here it is.One of the best classic walt disney movies of all time.Just as popular and still going strong.Movies like this are the best disney movies for kids ever to be made.Great for boys & girls..and adults alike.

I bought the "Bambi DVD" at Amazon.Com.It arrived at my door in 3 days.

Walt Disney Bambi VHS is also available.

So if you're wondering where to buy a Bambi DVD here ya go.It's also available in blu-ray.

Beauty and the Beast DVD

This is another of the best disney movies out there.It's the Beauty and the Beast DVD that is just as popular today as when it first came out several years ago.Actually almost 12 years ago.1991 Disney movies ring just as loud today as yesterday.

If you're looking for Beauty and the Beast VHS they have that too.Just click the ingae,and do a search.There are plenty of coppies of VHS left.

The voices in the wonderful Disney film were Paige OHara, Robby Benson, and Richard White.

So if you're looking for the beauty and the beast DVD here it is.Like I said you can get it in VHS too. can get Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray too.It's all there at

Disney Christmas Movies

If you're looking foward to something that brightens your Christmas.Then check out all the Disney Christmas Movies available.

This film here is "The Search For Santa Paws".It's one of the best disney christmas movies out there.

There are also alot of other great "Disney Christmas Movies" you may be interested in as well.Such as Christmas Carol and Santa Buddies.

Once the Christmas Season gets near,I'll be adding alot more movies that add cheer to the Holiday Season.

So make it a walt disney christmas this coming holiday season.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2009 Disney Movies

The best Disney movies for 2009.Well they put out alot of good movies that year,but waht year don't Walt Disney put out good movies?They have been putting out good movies since 1937.

So here is a lit of the 2009 Disney movies.I started making this list to help others track down movies they may have forgotton the name of.Not sure how that's possible when they forget the name but remember they year the movie was made.

So here's the Walt Disney 2009 Movies :

Race to Witch Mountain ..Cast Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Carla Gugino, and Ciaran Hinds.This was a pretty good remake of the original movie.I enjoyed this very much.This one is good for adults too.

Hannah Montana (The Movie) ..Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Melora Hardin, Adam Gregory, and Tyra Banks.

Up ..Voices by Christoper Plummer, John Ratzenberger, Delroy Lindo, and Edward Asner.As I mentioned befor.I loved this movie and so will you.It's the best of the 2009 Walt Disney movies in my book.

Space Buddies ..Jason Earles, Diedrich Bader, Amy Sedaris, and Lochlyn Munro.This is one 2009 Disney movie I have not seen.Has alot of great reviews though.

G-Force ..Voices by Nicholas Cage, Penelope Cruz, Will Arnett, Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau, and Steve Buscemi.Another Walt Disney Nicolas Cage movie.The beautiful Penelope Cruz voice is also in this movie.

Dadnapped ..Emily Osment, David Henrie, and Moises Arias.

Hatching Pete ..Jason Dolley, and Mitchel Musso.When it comes to 2009 Walt Disney movies this is another film I have yet to see.

Tiger & Pooh and a Musical Too ..Voices by Jim Cumming, Chloe Moretz, and Peter Cullen.

The Princess and the Frog ..Terence Howard, Oprah Winfrey, and Anika Noni Rose.I didn't know Oprah Winfrey was a voice in this movie.

Ponyo ..Cate Blanchett, Noah Cyrus, Matt Damon, and Tina Fey.We all know these actors & actresses.I didn't know they did voices for Disney movies.

Princess Protection Program ..Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato.The adorable Selena Gomez.I haven't seen this film,but certanly want too.

Old Dogs ..Robin Williams, and John Travolta.I never knew Robin Williams did so many movies with Walt Disney Studios.He's been around and certainly am looking foward to more Walt Disney Robin William movies.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure ..Voices by Mae Whitman, Jesse McCartney, Lucy Liu, Raven-Symone

A Christmas Carol ..Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Bob Hoskins.Now I've seen this movie,and am a big fan of Jim Carrey.But this movie just didn't do it for me.He was awesome in the Grinch,but this one just didn't live up to my expectations.I think it was the script.

Santa Buddies ..Not sure who does the voices in this movie.

Wizards of Waverly Place (The Movie) .. Selena Gomez, and Jake T. Austin.I guess there are more than one Selena Gomez Walt Disney movies out there.So far found two movies she's done with this company.

So anyway,there ya have it.These are the Walt Disney 2009 movies.