Friday, June 15, 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Online

Mysterious Island
I just rented this about an hour ago,and looking foward to watching it,and writing a good review of this new movie.

This here is Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.

Having "The Rock" in it,who's real name is Dwayne Johnson and that other young lady,sorry I forget her name,she's real popular with the younger generation,figured it would be worth a watch.

A good family orientated movie once in awhile is good for the soul.

Anyways,what really catches my fancy with this movie.Is one of my most favorite actors of mine in in it.Michael Caine is in this movie,and this is how I first found it,while it was still in production.I was looking at hi upcomming movies a year back,so I've been waiting for Journey 2 The Mysterious Island to come out for some time now.

The reviews of this movie give it 5 stars for the kids.They should really like this one.This is a GOOD family movie.No swearing,or nudity.This is a great family film.So with that being said,we can move on. Hahahaha :)

You can watch "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island" online right now,by clicking the Instant Video link above.I think they charge 3.99 to rent it,and watch it online.A buck more than the video store rental probably.It's the same price as Youtube I think,so either ya do,or ya don't.But if you do want to watch Journey 2 online.Then check out the streaming video above.

Well,I'm going to watch this movie now,and will write my own review,so I'll update this article when I'm done watching it.I hope The Mysterious Island is as mysterious as I'm hoping it out to be.One good thing,I get to enjoy another good movie with Michael Caine in it.

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