Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Kids Movies 2011

When it comes to the best kids movies 2011.We know for sure it's the last Harry Potter that came out,and still in theatres.Soon as it becomes available on DVD I'll add it to the site.

There were alot of good 2011 kids movies that came out this year.

Pirates of the Caribbean.. "On Stranger Tidess" is one that comes to mind.I know these movies are kinda for the older kids.I'll make sure to discuss some that are good for the young kids.They like their movies too.

It's good to see Johnny Depp Disney movies.They are so good to watch,and make great family movies for any parents collection.These are the movies I feel safe letting my teens watch.

The kids 2011 movie list wouldn't be just,if I didn't include the new Winnie the Pooh movie.I have not seen that one yet,but will for give it a review when I'm done watching it.

Some of the kids movies 2012 that are on the way,are going to be fun watching as well.But I'll try to get back on topic and stay with the 2011 kids movies for now.Just looking foward to the older kids and teen movies more per say.

I'm dying for National Treasure Part 3 to come out,but that is not suppose to come out till 2014.Wonder why they are waiting so long.We're all dying to see it!!

Plus the 3rd Disney Johnny Depp movie on stranger tidess.Some of the Johnny Depp kids movies are pretty dang good.

But back to the "New Winnie the Pooh Movie".The reviews on it are still coming it,so I'll update this after I watch it.Alot of us ignore movie reviews anyways.If it's a disney film we love it.They are all pretty good,but as with everything in life.Some things we love more than others.We all have opinions on what the top 2011 walt disney videos are.

But when it really comes down to the best movies for kids 2011.It's films like "The Goonies"..and "Hook" with Robin Williams and other past classic favorites.Many of the top kids movies are not just Disney.So it's hard to just have a 2011 movie list only going into deatil about this years movies.

I'd like to stick to the best family movies we all remember growing up.These family & kids movies are what made us who we are today.Full of good memories watching these children's films.

Keep checking back for the recent disney list of movies that I add to the site,but like I said.Not all these films will be disney videos.

Well..I'm going to get back to adding the best kids movies 2011.

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