Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disney Horse Movies

When it comes to Walt Disney Horse Movies.A few films come to mind.

The most recent movie about horses by Disney is "Secretariat".As I mentioned in another post.This movie may be one of the best horse movies of all time.

This film is good for 13 year olds..and up.So it would make a great teen movie as well.One of the greatest 2010 horse movies in my book.

Another good horse movie for kids is one film we have all heard of.Remember the "Black Stallion".I may make a seperate post for that,for those of you who might be interested in purchasing that movie.It's not a Disney film,but none the less.It's a great horse movie for children.

This studio did make a movie called "The Young Black Stallion".I haven't seen it,but heard it was a good horse movie for kids.

We all love animals,and when we see a pony,or horse for that matter,it catches our attention.

I'd have to describe Disney's Secretariat as one of the best race horse movies 2010.No way can anyone come up with a better one next year in 2011.People are going to be talking about this movie for some time.Especially those who love race horse movie.Maybe better said just love horses in general.

I sure hope to see more John Malkovich Disney films in the future.The guy is a great actor,and really added a good spark to this movie.

So anyways,if you love horse movies.Then check out "Secretariat" and I assure you,that you won't be sorry.The best horse movie of all time.This video will go down in the top rated movies of all time.

Well..SeaBiscuit was a dang good movie too.I guess I love good movies about horses.Then everytime a good one comes out,I fall in love all over again.

So I think it was a good idea do add some "Disney Horse Movies" to the site.I'll be adding some other good films about horses,that are not Disney.But all the same.We need to share what are the best childrens horse videos.So us parents know what's good for our kids.

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